21 August 2012




為求撿走膠粒,每位「執膠」組員整裝待發,帶備了筲箕、鏟、水桶和手套。當天早上於梅窩集合,一同乘船前往芝麻灣,落船後再沿山路走大約20分,到達了今次的「戰地」 - 拾塱。拾塱海灘一點也不狹小,對於現場的幾位清潔嬸嬸來說,根本不可能將整個海灘的膠粒都清理好。要把美麗的海灘恢復它原來的面貌,是絕對需要凝聚各位所出的每分力。








cameratop8 10 October 2012 at 16:42  

In the image of the Camera Equipment darkness of the night sky, wire some isolated window. Can say the reason for this is because CCD cannot handle slower shutter speed the enormous workload, cause some particular pixel got out of control and cause. In order to prevent to Flash Accessories produce this kind of image pixels, part of the digital camera equipped with are called "noise" function. If you use the Camera accessoriesnoise reduction function, in the record image before they can use digital processing method to eliminate image noise, so in save finished ago need to spend a little extra time.

huang huanghuang 16 October 2012 at 09:39  

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